Dr. Peter Smith
Principal, Arapiki Solutions Inc.

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Based in Vancouver, Canada, we are able to support international clients by working remotely.

We provide technical leadership to help a company be more efficient. With a software-focus, our range of activities include:

  • Project management for software development or IT infrastructure projects.
  • Technical leadership in the adoption or creation of new software tools and applications.
  • Analysis of how an organization can use software-based tools to improve workflow.
  • Custom-implementation of small-scale applications, to automate an organization’s day to day activities.
  • Analysis, tuning and modification of Unix-based business applications.

In a typical engagement, we would be hired by a medium-to-large company to lead an internal project, aimed at improving the company’s efficiency.

Recent projects include:

  • Evaluating, installing and supporting software development productivity tools, such as Electric Accelerator and Coverity Prevent.
  • Designing and prototyping a web-based documentation storage tool.
  • Providing technical advice in the migration from a legacy IT infrastructure to a lower-cost solution.
  • Architecting a large-scale project to migrate from CVS to IBM Rational ClearCase.
  • Authoring a book on Software Build Systems.
  • Teaching a graduate-level course in Internet Programming.
  • Architecting an approach for componentizing a large software code base into smaller interacting components.

Check out our book published by Addison Wesley Professional...

Software Build Systems - Principles and Experience

Also, read an interview with Peter Smith on InformIT.com.

Download Book Examples (.tgz format).

We're also developing a new build analysis tool, known as BuildML.

This is a spare-time project, but should be available for beta testing in 2013.

Our Consulting Approach

All companies suffer from lack of productivity. Some companies lose thousands of dollars each day because of the inefficient tools and workflow their employees are required to use. Sometimes they just don't realize they could be more efficient. In other cases, they may be aware of the problems but have too much invested in their current way of working.

We use one or more of the following approaches when undertaking work:

  • Identify inefficiencies within the organization that could be eliminated by the use of software tools. This is done by interviewing end-users to understand their concerns, taking direction from the company management, and observing the way employees perform their work.
  • Perform cost-benefit analysis as a means of prioritizing issues. That is, what will it cost if we don't fix the problem?
  • Create PowerPoint presentations necessary to ask senior management for funding.
  • Identify solutions, perform feasibility analysis, and with the help of your management, contribute to the project plan and budget.
  • Implement the solution ourselves (for small projects), or provide technical direction for the implementation team (larger projects).
  • Manage the roll-out of the new methodology or tool, write documentation, and deliver training. Provide support to the management team who are responsible for enforcing the new initiative.
  • Provide metrics so that management can be aware of whether the new methodologies and tools have been adopted successfully.
  • Transfer the necessary knowledge and skills to your internal support team.
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