Dr. Peter Smith
Principal, Arapiki Solutions Inc.

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Based in Vancouver, Canada, we are able to support international clients by working remotely.

We provide technical leadership for software-based projects, centered around business applications.

  • Business analysis of using software applications to increase organizational efficiency.
  • Creation of business case proposals, including interaction with senior management.
  • Software architecture and design from initial planning through to software implementation and roll-out.
  • Project management of cross-functional teams in all phases of the project.

With in-depth technical understanding of software development, combined with years of project leadership experience, our goal is to:

Deliver the correct solution the first time!

Recent projects include:

  • Technical IT architecture and project planning for a large-scale corporate acquisition of 4000 people.
  • Evaluation, installation, and roll-out of business applications, as used by an 800-person software development team.
  • Design and prototype of a web-based documentation storage application. Supervision of the production roll-out.
  • Architecture of a large-scale project to migrate end-users from one version control tool to another.
  • Authoring a technical book on Software Build Systems.
  • Teaching a university-level course in Internet Programming.
  • Architecting an approach for componentizing a large software code base into smaller interacting components.
  • Providing recommendations on how to optimize a Java-based business application.

Our Consulting Approach

We use one or more of the following approaches when undertaking work:

  • Identify inefficiencies within the organization that could be eliminated by the use of business applications. This is done by interviewing end-users to understand their concerns, taking direction from the company management, and observing the way employees perform their work.
  • Perform cost-benefit analysis as a means of prioritizing issues. That is, what will it cost if we don't fix the problem?
  • Create PowerPoint presentations necessary to ask senior management for funding.
  • Identify solutions, perform feasibility analysis, and with the help of your management, contribute to the project plan and budget.
  • Implement the solution ourselves (for small projects), or provide technical direction for the implementation team (larger projects).
  • Manage the roll-out of the new methodology or tool, write documentation, and deliver training. Provide support to the management team who are responsible for enforcing the new initiative.
  • Provide metrics so that management can be aware of whether the new methodologies and tools have been adopted successfully.
  • Transfer the necessary knowledge and skills to your internal support team.

Check out our book published by Addison Wesley Professional...

Software Build Systems - Principles and Experience

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